There’s nothing that’s done more for our company than Topgrading. MarineMax is a huge fan of Brad Smart’s Topgrading system. We began the process in 2002 and we’re totally convinced Topgrading has significantly improved our bottom line. We are in the people business, and now with Brad’s gift, Topgrading is the heart of our culture and a primary focus of MarineMax.

-Bill McGill, CEO

The Company: MarineMax

No. of Employees: 1,700 employees and dealer general managers

The Industry: MarineMax is the largest boat/yacht dealer company in the world

Topgrading Results:

  • Improvement from 25% - 75% (managers) and 25% to 90% (sales reps)
  • MarineMax has grown to 65 stores, several marinas, plus a British Virgin Islands division where MarineMax charters vacation yachts and offers creative ways to purchase yachts.
  • Excellent stock performance

Quotes from interview with Bill McGill, CEO:

  • We’re the industry leader and that helps us attract A Players. A Players want to associate with A Players.  Topgrading produces A Players that attract more As.  
  • Topgrading is infused into our culture and we love it. We have been using Topgrading since 2002 and we’ll use it forever. 
  • Turnover in mid-high level management (13%) is half of US industry average.

Quotes from interview with Dr. Ray Bowman, SVP Talent and Team Development:

  • We’re referred to in the industry as the 800-pound gorilla because of our size and breadth.
  • I drive and monitor Topgrading activities and results, and I’m the tandem Topgrading Interviewer for key, higher level executive jobs. I head a Topgrading Certification process for our managers that teaches the Topgrading Hiring Solution, and I make sure all the Topgrading methods are consistently done well – very well.  Managers know we expect all the Topgrading methods to be used with perfection.  We ensure that managers do not cut corners because that’s when mis-hires occur.

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The Topgrading tools and processes together are a proven hiring methodology for recruiting, hiring and developing high performing teams. Hire more A players and decrease the number of mis-hires with Topgrading. Contact us to learn more about the Topgrading hiring process and start achieving better hiring results now!

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