Implementing the Topgrading Hiring Solution can help you achieve unparalleled and unprecedented results for your business. Hiring the right people is critical to the success of any company. Profiles of successful companies almost always highlight how hiring, retaining, and promoting the right people leads to higher earnings, a stronger company culture, and an innovative, engaged workplace. Every hiring manager is painfully aware that bad hires harm productivity, create morale issues, negatively impact the bottom line, and make achieving their individual business goals a lot harder.

What results are you looking for? How about:

  • Improving quality of hire? Dozens of named case studies show an average improvement from 26% to 85% high performers hired.  Not just “okay” performers but HIGH performers, and in most case studies the results were for all jobs in the company, from clerk to CEO.
  • Increased profits? Topgrading Case Studies have quotes by the CEO, saying in their words, that the company is more profitable, more successful, because of Topgrading.  The CEO of e*TRADE said the company would have folded, gone out of business, without Topgrading.  General Electric during the Jack Welch years skyrocketed hiring A Players to over 80% and became the most valuable company in the world. Aaron Patzer sold tiny (40 people) to Intuit for $166 million and said without Topgrading his company would have been worth nothing.
  • Reducing the costs of a bad hire? Our research over the years shows the financial costs to be very high, such as: 1x salary for a clerk, 5x salary for mid-managers, and 27x salary for CEOs.  And the time “wasted” by the hiring manager trying to prevent and fix mistakes caused by the bad hire is typically more than 200 hours.

Topgrading implementations begin with ROI estimates.  With documented case studies showing 300% improvement in hiring high performers, companies typically conclude that if Topgrading “only” achieves a 25% improvement in the quality of hire, the ROI is sky-high.

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