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Topgrading Online Solutions (TOLS) enables companies to automate several critical aspects of the Topgrading Hiring Solution.

Clients can license TOLS software to accompany their Topgrading implementation, and it can integrate with any Applicant Tracking System (ATS).
Prescreen Snapshot

Candidates provide information about their two most recent jobs, and TOLS produces a “picture” which you can quickly scan to select the best candidates to move forward – without having to read through countless resumes. With the Topgrading Truth Motivator, you know you are getting honest responses.

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PreScreen Snapshot for a promising candidate
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Full Topgrading Snapshot

Candidates provide their full education and career history and TOLS produces the full snapshot, showing you with simple color-coding candidates’ ratings, time spent at each job, and reasons for leaving. Salary questions may be turned on or off for each job.

Interview Guides

TOLS uses the candidates’ info from the Career History Form to auto-populate interview guides for you to use as reference through the Phone Screening process, face-to-face Topgrading Interview, and even Reference Checks.

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TopgradingHIRE is an SMB Applicant Tracking System with TOLS integrated out of the box.

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