We help you assess, hire, retain, and grow outstanding team members who drive your organization forward.

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We work directly with all types of companies, putting our signature methods and tools into practice to help select and develop highly successful teams.

Our proven framework has inspired organizations of all sizes to rethink their hiring practices and is the basis of four best-selling books.

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We train Human Resources, Talent Acquisition, Recruiters, and all managers so our methods, and your desired results, can become institutionalized in your organization.

Our technology tools make hiring more efficient, so you can focus on the right candidates for the job.

Leadership Candidate Assessments

We help clients make their most important decisions: whom to hire.

The Topgrading Assessment is the ultimate tool for organizations to ensure they are putting the right people in the right roles at the leadership level.

Leadership Team Performance and Alignment

Getting the right people in place is only half the job.

We work with existing leadership teams to bring their individual members together as a strong, cohesive unit. This work fosters a sense of trust and alignment so that the team benefits from each individual's strengths while collectively advancing shared goals.

Exceptional Hiring at All Levels

Hiring the wrong person for any position is expensive - in wasted money and lost time. Our methodology, software, training, and coaching help managers and talent acquisition professionals consistently make the right hiring decisions for any role in your organization.

Our advisors are ready to help you rethink your hiring.

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Prescreen Snapshot

Our advanced screening tool saves time by helping you identify the best candidates before you speak with them.

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