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For CEOs

As a CEO, you are painfully aware of the huge costs of hiring people who turn out to be mediocre or worse. Topgrading offers the only hiring method on the planet that routinely triples hiring success, with CEOs routinely saying Topgrading made the company more successful. And Topgrading methods are “common sense,” though on steroids.
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For Human Resources

Topgrading might provide the single best opportunity for Human Resources to make a huge contribution to the company. With the latest online Topgrading tools, HR can begin rolling out Topgrading in a day, and earn accolades from the hiring managers who instantly see better candidates.
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MarineMax is a huge fan of Brad Smart’s Topgrading system. We began the process in 2002 and we’re totally convinced Topgrading has significantly improved our bottom line.

- William H. McGill, Chairman & CEO, MarineMax Inc.

At, we have very rigorous hiring. We use a technique called Topgrading, which reveals patterns in behavior. In the history of Mint, I’ve only fired two people and one left voluntarily.

- Aaron Patzer, founder of

Brad’s second opinion interviews and Topgrading methodology have helped us pick the right executives, which is key to making money in private equity.

- Earl Powell, Founding Partner and Chairman Emeritus, Trivest Partners, L.P.

Of hundreds of Topgrading case studies, 40 relayed in the best-selling Third Edition of Topgrading show improvement from 26% to 85% high performers hired and promoted. Click here to read the summary Master Chart. Then select Client Case Studies to read how Topgrading made the company more successful, as well as advice to would-be Topgraders from CEOs and heads of Human Resources.

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