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Topgrading has definitely made two companies I’ve run more profitable.

Scott Clawson

CEO, Culligan

Topgrading has proven methods to hire high performers at every level … consistently.  Thousands of companies have dramatically improved their success hiring A Players, and dozens of client case studies document their unprecedented results.

Hundreds of companies have improved their hiring success from 26% to 85% high performers with Topgrading.

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    With Topgrading

It’s frustrating when new hires turn out to be disappointments. Candidates can fool you with resumes that read like exaggerated social media profiles. Low performers can hide their weaknesses in interviews and most reference calls are worthless. Only Topgrading methods solve those problems.

For over 40 years Topgrading has been a trusted partner to CEOs and Human Resources executives as we’ve invented, refined, and polished methods to help our clients enjoy …

Better Candidates

Our methodology and tools streamline the hiring process, narrowing your candidate pool to only those who are the best fit.

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Better Hires

Companies that use Topgrading achieve unprecedented success hiring and promoting high performers.

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Better Performance

Hundreds of CEOs and HR leaders say their companies are more successful because of Topgrading.

Leadership development and candidate assessment

Topgrading professionals assess and coach the top team, helping CEOs create their A team.  And we guide clients as they implement Topgrading throughout the organization.


What We Do

The State of Hiring in Business Today

Most hiring processes today are broken.

Typical interview and selection practices don’t reveal enough about a candidate to determine whether they would succeed in a given role. And technology hasn’t done much to improve hiring practices: Applicant tracking systems merely aggregate candidates, and bots too often screen out highly qualified candidates.


Topgrading eliminates the failures of typical interview and selection methods.

Our methods infuse each step of the process with the substantive, detailed, and uniquely accurate information essential to making excellent hiring decisions and setting up your team for long-term success.

Topgrading candidate assessments
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Topgrading solves the five biggest hiring problems. When those solutions are implemented:

Hire better people, grow faster, and deliver greater value to shareholders and stakeholders.

Everyone - from hiring managers to HR to candidates - enjoys far greater career success when they’re on a team of high performers.

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