Screen In Top Candidates

PreScreen Snapshot eliminates time wasted on unqualified candidates. It generates a revealing, accurate picture of each applicant, letting you identify your best candidates at a glance before you even speak with them.

job candidate snapshot
Sample PreScreen Snapshot including (optional) salary information

Essential Candidate Information

PreScreen Snapshot brings together key details about candidates’ recent job history, including accurate performance ratings, to help you quickly identify the best candidates.

Color Coding for Quick Visual Cues

The color-coded graph is easy and quick to read, enabling your team to identify potential top performers at a glance.

Intuitive Design

The streamlined interface and functions make PreScreen Snapshot simple to use for both candidates and your hiring team.

Licenses begin at $1250/year

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Using the PreScreen Snapshot, I save about 16 hours every time I fill an open position, and get much better candidates.

Nyisha Moore

Director of Human Resources, Automation X

Even before talking with a candidate you know the real reasons they left jobs and, most important of all, you see how bosses would rate them.

Nothing has been more important for my career success than Topgrading methods and the counsel of Topgrading Professionals.

Scott Clawson

CEO, Culligan

Using the Prescreen Snapshot eases candidates into the Career History Form process and saves time by helping me determine which candidates should progress.

Laura Macauley

COO, HeimLantz

See how PreScreen Snapshot can help you hire better.

ATS Compatibility

PreScreen Snapshot can be integrated with your company's Applicant Tracking System.

No ATS? No Problem.

PreScreen Snapshot works as a standalone tool.

Need a New ATS?

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