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Even before talking with applicants, you can see accurate boss ratings.

Scott Clawson

CEO, Culligan

Eliminate time wasted on unqualified applicants. The PreScreen Snapshot automatically generates a revealing, accurate picture of each applicant, giving you the ability to identify the best at a glance, before you even speak with them.

Fast and Intuitive

Quick visual cues allow your team to screen applicants in seconds.

Focused Efforts

Your team can focus on the best applicants and not waste time analyzing resumes of those who are unqualified, uninterested, or unmotivated.

Easy to Use

Streamlined interface and functions simplify use for your hiring team.

Get Essential Applicant Data

Supplement resumes with accurate performance ratings, compensation expectations, real reasons for leaving jobs, and job stability.

Interview Better Candidates

Invest interview time in candidates who have a high likelihood of success if hired.

A Great Candidate Experience

It takes only 5-10 minutes to complete.

Using the Prescreen Snapshot eases candidates into the Career History Form process and saves time by helping me determine which candidates should progress.

Laura Macauley

COO, HeimLantz

Using the PreScreen Snapshot, I save about 16 hours every time I fill an open position, and get much better candidates.

Nyisha Moore

Director of Human Resources, Automation X

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ATS Compatibility

PreScreen Snapshot can be integrated with your company's Applicant Tracking System.

No ATS? No Problem.

PreScreen Snapshot works as a standalone tool.

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