Topgrading is the most effective and the most proven hiring method - ever.



  • Train all managers in Topgrading methods
  • Interview C-suite candidates
  • Integrate our TOLS software with ATSs
  • Coach clients to implement Topgrading

Our mission is to Topgrade the World. By this we mean that our dedicated professionals want to "spread the word," to help companies everywhere improve their performance by hiring and promoting almost all high performers at all levels. That means, of course, that all the individual mangers will improve their teams from a typical 25% high performers to 85%+ high performers, turbo-boosting their careers.

Benefits for CEOs: Case studies show dozens of companies tripling their success hiring HIGH performers; these results are unprecedented and unmatched. All the CEOs say in their own words that the company is more successful, more profitable, because of Topgrading.

Benefits for Hiring Managers: We train all managers to implement Topgrading. Research shows that most managers have 25% high performers, 50% "okay" performers, and 25% low performers. With Topgrading, they learn to pack their teams with almost all high performers, and from then on, their careers are more successful.

Benefits for Human Resources: Human Resources has been challenged to improve Quality of Hire since McKinsey & Co. launched the War for Talent decades ago. Topgrading is the only hiring method that has satisfied CEOs with what they want most: hiring not just "okay" performers, but HIGH performers. Hiring has been an intractable problem for almost all companies because common interview methods don't reveal nearly enough of the risks: the candidate's weaker points. And reference calls are too often worthless - only rarely with the candidates' managers, the best verification of what candidates told you. Those realities have put a huge burden on HR. Fortunately Topgrading, though only Topgrading, has solved those problems. Topgrading HR managers are the most respected in the profession.

Four decades of experience have taught us that every organization is unique. We will tailor Topgrading methods for your company to help you achieve dramatic increases in hiring and promoting success.

Call us at 847-244-5544 and we'll arrange for you to talk with an experienced professional.

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